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 Colorado Fishing Report

Help The Angler keep others informed by emailing fishing reports to us. Include your name in the message part of your report if you'd like to receive credit for the report.

Information for fishing reports is gathered by a number of ways including angler contact, state agencies and bait and tackle dealers.

Read Reports from Colorado Anglers

We've had a request for reports on Golden Pond, Pela Crossing & Lageman Reservoir
If you fish those waters, please
email us some reports.

Here is a list of Colorado Counties

August 25, 2015

Conditions Report - Metro Denver Area

Aurora Reservoir

The reservoir is open to boating and the water temperature is 68 degrees. Trout fishing from shore is rated as slow to fair. However, on some days we have seen some good fishing conditions. Fish will be deeper so cast out 40-50 yards! Most fishermen are catching trout using PowerBait from a slip rig.  Boaters are having success ranging from slow to fair to good on trout trolling with rapalas, spoons and pop gear with crawlers. The trout are deeper so try trolling deeper. Walleye fishing is slow to fair with a few good days on the water. Most walleye are being caught from boats trolling with bottom bouncers with crawlers, jigs and drop shots. Most walleye being caught are under the 18" size limit. The fishing for yellow perch has been good when using jigs and worms and small crank baits in the coves from boats in 8-15' of water. The reservoir is restricted to electric motors only and all watercraft must be inspected prior to launch. For more information call 303-326-8425. The park hours for August are 5:30am-to 9 p.m. September hours are 6 a.m.- 8 p.m.

Quincy Reservoir

The reservoir is open to boating. The water temperature is 72 degrees and the water level is good. Fishing for bass overall is rated as slow to fair. We are still occasionally seeing a few anglers being successful. Most fishermen are catching bass using soft plastics, jerk baits, crank baits and top water lures. Fishing is restricted to artificial flies and lures only. Only watercraft capable of being launched by hand permitted and electric motors only. All watercraft must be inspected prior to launch. New for this year: the fee system is now per vehicle and the West access gate has been permanently closed. Access will only permitted through the East access gate. Park Hours in August is 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. September Hours are 6 a.m.-8 p.m. For more information call 303-326-8424.​

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Conditions Report - Northeast Colorado

Barr Lake

The water temperature is 75-78 degrees and the water clarity is about two to three feet. The shore fishing is getting better as the water level is dropping. Access will be better from shore for trout, wiper and catfish. People are catching trout and carp and a few perch using worms off of the bottom. We have seen some bass being caught on crank baits also from shore. Some shad have been cruising shallow and there have been wiper busting in the shallows. Boaters have had success trolling and it has been the best way to find fish. Locate the bait and you will find the fish. If using a graph, look for the big balls of bait fish. They have been all over the water column. Also look for birds feeding, --not diving but feeding. Shad-style baits have been working well with perch patterns. As the water drops more and starts to cool, look for deep drop offs holding fish. There have been two shad hatches which have shad in the 3 to 4 inch range and also in the 1-2 inch range, along with fathead minnows. These fish are well fed and big so good luck!

Boyd Lake

The current water temperature is estimated to be approximately 74° with a depth of approximately 47 feet covering approximately 1700 surface acres. The largemouth, smallmouth, fishing has been fair to good when using lures at the Marina, Pump house, and the North Cove. The white bass fishing has been fair and worms and lures are the best way to catch them lakewide. The catfish and crappie fishing has been fair when using lures and worms at the inlets and lakewide. As always the trout fishing has been good to anglers that use worms and PowerBait lakewide. The walleye fishing is fair, and the best way to catch them is by using lures, worms, and bottom boucers in shallows waters and on the East Edge of the Marina. PLEASE NOTE: Any live fish collected for use as bait may only be used in the same body of water from which they were collected. All live bait/fish from a commercial source and transported by anglers must at all times be accompanied by a receipt for the source. See the Colorado Fishing Regulations for further clarification and information.

Eldorado Canyon State Park

Fishing conditions in the canyon are good. Water levels and flow are average for summer (34 cubic feet per second as of Aug.24) Fishermen have been having success with BWO, hoppers, and worms. Colorado Fishing Licenses are required and are available for purchase at the park Visitors Center.

Eleven Mile Reservoir

The water flow coming into the reservoir is 162 cubic feet per second into the reservoir and  207 cubic feet per second  out of the reservoir. The water temperature is 64 degrees. The trout fishing has been good and fish are being caught at Rogers Mountain, Howbert Point, Rocking Chair, Lazy Boy, Witchers Cove and North Shore. Some very nice sizes have been caught at Rogers Mountain anglers have caught 16" to 20" rainbow trout. Late night and try pink Salmon eggs, salmon peach PowerBait, yellow PowerBait, garlic PowerBait, spinners, tube jigs, worms and marshmallow, needlefish and tasmanian devils all are working. The kokanee salmon fishing has been slow and not many are being caught. The northern pike fishing has been fair to good and the action seems to be picking up. The west end weed beds are still good places to try and the rock drop offs around Rocky Flats of North Shore. Spinner Baits in Black or White seem to be the best now. Husky Jerks, also try white Tube jigs.


Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Golden Gate Canyon State Park offers five fishing ponds open year-round to all park visitors. The ponds are Kriley, Slough, Ranch Ponds East and West, Forgotten Valley and Dude's Fishing Hole. Kriley and Slough Ponds were stocked with rainbow trout on August 4, 2015. Forgotten Valley stocked with brown trout on June 18, 2015. Ranch Ponds were stocked with channel catfish on October 1, 2014. Each angler is allowed four fish per day with eight being the maximum number in possession. No live baits are allowed with the exception of worms. Ice fishing allowed on all ponds. Conditions vary throughout the winter, fish at your own risk.

North Sterling Reservoir

The water temperature is now 84 F. The South Boat Ramp has been reopened on a day to day basis depending on weather. Walleye were caught at the West Trailhead as well as up the Darby and Cunnigham arms. Wiper were caught up the Darby arm as well as in the Elks Bay and off the Overflow Parking Area east of the swimbeach on worms, minnows, minnow lures, and leeches.  Catfish were caught off of Sunset Cove and Sunset Point, as well as off the West Trailhead mostly on worms and chicken livers. Night fishermen have caught catfish using bait that glows and has a garlic taste. Trout were caught off Balance Rock along with some bluegill and catfish. Fishing licenses can be purchased at the Visitor Center open 8 - 4:30 daily.

Spinney Mountain Reservoir

The water temperature is 87.2 cubic feet per second and the fishing has been very good. A lot of pike are being caught on rapalas, zonkers, daredevils, and Tasmanian devils. Trout are being caught on callibaetis, midges, and hares ears along with kastmasters, tasmanian devils, and needlefish. Anglers fishing from belly boats are still having the best results. At the Dream Stream, the water flow is at 162 cubic feet per second. The Dream Stream is fishing great right now. PMD's, tricos, rojos, and ants. The bends in the river towards Eleven Mile and near the red barns can hold some big fish.

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​Conditions Report- Southeast Colorado

Adobe Creek Reservoir (Blue Lake)

Slow for all species. A few channel and blue catfish are being caught, and the upper boat ramps are usable.

Arkansas River

Over the last week, the Arkansas River has transitioned from summer to fall in terms of flows with 108 cubic feet per second in Hayden Meadows, 249 cubic feet per second at Granite, 487 cubic feet per second flowing into Bighorn Sheep Canyon. Visibility is very good down to Howard, below which the river has retained some beneficial color on out through Parkdale. With the forecast projecting mostly nice weather with highs in the low 80s for the next ten days, expect flows and the fishery to remain fairly stable. As a rule, this will mean that fish are out along the edges in the morning and evening and then diving a little deeper in the heat/brightest sun of the day. Surface bugs would include some late pale morning duns, red quills, caddis, tricos, and midges, as well as the ubiquitous hoppers, beetles and ants. Big lead dries (hopper or stonefly profile) trailing either a small caddis/mayfly dry or beadhead nymphs are the standard rig, though streamers are still producing well from the boats. For those in an imitative frame of mind, trico emergers (Size 22) trailed behind a weighted nymph midday have been highly effective. With overnight lows in the 40s and low 50s recently, daytime water temperatures have not been a big issue. Still, a little more time and effort spent reviving fish in the afternoons is a worthwhile precaution.

Clear Creek Reservoir

Fishing conditions at Clear Creek Reservoir remains slow.  The best trout fishing has been during the morning.  Anglers fishing during the afternoon and evening found it difficult to land multiple fish.  Most of the catches comprised of 8-13 inch rainbow trout with an occasional cuttbow. Successful fly fishermen usually catch trout on green or brown Woolly Buggers. Boaters trolling cowbells coupled with worms at 1.5 mph were the most successful at catching trout. Trolling with orange tasmanian devil lures and orange mepps spinners around the perimeter of the reservoir worked well too. Boat anglers are still catching a few kokanee salmon with squids and dodgers tip with corn near the dam of the reservoir. The reservoir is closed to trailered motorized watercrafts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  The current boating hours are from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Crystal Lakes

Fishing at Crystal Lakes has slowed down over the last couple of weeks. However, fishermen from both the shore and in belly boats continue to have decent success on assorted flies, lures, and spinners.

Cottonwood Lake

Flies of all color have been working best early morning and evening. The best fishing is off shore from a small boat. Hand propelled vessels only, no trolling motors are allowed. Worms, PowerBait, and spinners have also been somewhat productive. Try fishing the stream below the lake as well.

Forebay Reservoir

Fishing at Forebay has slowed down, but not as dramatically as the other lakes in Lake County. Fishermen are continuing to report fair success from the shore with assorted baits and lures.

Henry and Meredith Reservoir

Since these lakes went dry two years ago, they have been refilled. Fry and fingerling fish are being stocked. There should be catchable sized fish next year in both lakes. The boat ramps are usable.

Horse Creek Reservoir (Timber Lake)

The lake had been dry for a decade. There is now water in it. Access is limited to the boat ramp area on the west side and the water's surface. The lake has been stocked with small catfish. It should be a year or two before there are catchable sized fish in the lake.

John Martin Reservoir

Due to the increase in water levels, the reservoir is at 260,000 acre feet. Fishing on the reservoir is still very slow compared to last year. Anglers are having some luck catching walleye, saugeye, and white bass behind the trestle. Anglers on the shore are having some luck using minnows, worms and occasional luck using hard baits. White bass and drum are mostly what is being caught, but not in great numbers. Very few crappie and catfish are being reeled in on the reservoir. Little success is being had below the reservoir in the stilling basin and Arkansas River. A lot of water is being released and the basin and river are both running high and fast, making fishing very difficult with few people having any luck.

Lake Pueblo

Big walleye are being caught in Peck Creek Cove. Fishermen report success using top-water lures. Catfish between 8 to 12 inches long are being reeled in at N-1 Cove and have been biting on marshmallows and crayfish.  Bass are plentiful near the shore against the dam. Fly fishermen have been catching decent sized trout on the river near the Rock Canyon Swim Beach.


Lathrop State Park

The boat ramps are open! Sunrise to Sunset! Both lakes are producing a lot of smaller catfish using chicken liver. No reports of muskie or pike. With the cooler nights the fishing should pick up.

Midwestern Farms Ponds

Fishing has been slow during the heat of the day. Anglers are catching some pan fish and a few small catfish early in the day and toward dusk.

Nee Gronda Reservoir

Extremely low water levels, no surviving fish suspected at this time due to poor water condition.

Nee Noshee Reservoir

Increased water levels allow for launching of boats from the south ramp. Preliminary stocking has begun with fingerling and fry sized fish. Stocking will continue based on water levels.  It will take a year or more for these fish to grow to a catchable size.

North Gateway Park

Fishing continues to be somewhat slow with the summer heat. A lot of fish have found the cooler water at the deeper depths of the pond. Some bass are being caught on hard baits and lures. A few catfish and rainbow trout are also being caught, but not in great numbers. Overnight fishing is allowed with a free permit issued by the City of Lamar.

Queens Reservoirs

Increased water levels allow for launching of boats from the south and west ramps.  Preliminary stocking has begun with fingerling and fry sized fish. Stocking will continue throughout the fall and spring with warm water species.  It will take a year or more for these fish to grow to a catchable size. Lakes are currently receiving water. Boaters are urged to use caution as there is floating debris and unmarked obstacles.

Trinidad Lake

The lake is at 871 surface acres with a surface elevation of 6196.38 feet. The water temperature is in the upper 60's. The trout fishing from shore remains slow this week. Some trout were caught using PowerBait. We did get a few reports of catfish being caught on the south shore using chicken livers and night crawlers. Boaters are catching walleye, perch, trout and some small wiper using jigs and trolling. Boaters are reminded that hazards on the lake may not be marked

Turquoise Lake

Turquoise Lake fishing has slowed, however fishermen are still having decent luck. The fishing is still best on both sides of Sugarloaf Dam, at Abe Lee, and at the inlet. Fishermen are having luck with assorted baits, lures and flies on a bubble.

Twin Lakes

Fishing at Twin Lakes over the last few weeks has slowed because of the warm temperatures. Fisherman continue to have decent success from shore, especially near the B.O.R, Power plant, with assorted PowerBait. Fishermen in boats are having better success since they can reach deeper water.


Turks Pond

Fair numbers of channel catfish are being caught by anglers using chicken livers, Oklahoma stink bait, and shrimp. Anglers can catch bullhead on nearly every cast using night crawlers, shrimp, or small pieces of liver fished right on the bottom. Anglers are encouraged to keep every bullhead they catch to help reduce the number of fish in the pond. Trout will be stocked again this fall as water temperatures begin to cool.

Two Buttes Reservoir

Fishing for bass in the three to four pound class continues to be good for anglers using crankbaits, swimbaits, and soft plastic worms or jigs in the coves.  Try smaller rattletraps, power minnows, and mr. twisters. Bluegill, green sunfish and crappie provide non-stop action for anglers using small jigs in the 1/32oz. size fished under a bobber or retrieved very slowing in 2-4 feet of water. A small wet fly is also picking up fish for fly anglers. Try a size 10 wooly bugger or small prince nymph stripped slowly in the shallows. There is a lot of natural food available for the fish that are in the lake. Successful anglers are mimicking the available forage. Shad schools are beginning to form and anglers can pick up the occasional wiper by using a minnow imitation swim bait or a clouser minnow for those that prefer to fly fish. Folks wishing to catch and release fish are encouraged to crimp down the barbs on their hooks. Trout fishing has slowed tremendously because of the high water temperatures but should improve as fall approaches. Two Buttes received a recent stocking of catchable yellow perch and will receive more fish this fall. A few master angler awards have been given out to Two Buttes anglers in recent weeks. There are some big fish in the lake, go and find them.

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​​​Conditions Report - Northwest Colorado​​​

Elkhead Reservoir

Fishing at the lake continues to be great with anglers reporting catching pike, blue gills, crappie and small mouth bass.   

Lower Fryingpan

The water conditions are clear though the afternoon thunder storms can sometimes add in a bit of color. The food sources present are PMDs, caddis, and BWO's. The overall rating for this section of the river is 7.5 out of 10. This is the "locals" stretch of the Fryingpan. Because of the pressure on the upper river, embracing the lower sections brings joy to many! Access is more difficult in the fact that you need to cover water and boulder-hop to be successful. Expect to see plenty of caddis, PMDs, BWOs, craneflies and stoneflies in this section. Streamer fishing can get quite good early and late in the day also. This is insanely good water to fish dry/dropper with. Hatches are a little less prolific down here now as the bugs slowly venture and push farther up along the river. Terrestrials, like small hoppers, beetles and ants, are particularly effective.

Lower Roaring Fork (Carbondale to Glenwood)

The water flow in this stretch is 842 cubic feet per second in Glenwood Springs and the water has good clarity with slightly higher than average flows. The overall rating for this stretch is 7 out of 10 but certainly getting better. The food sources present are yellow sallies, caddis, PMD's, and BWO's. The float fishing has resumed, too, in a very big way. If you have the opportunity to float - definitely do so! Fishing conditions are rapidly changing as the bugs become smaller and the river gets lower. Moss is a major factor for those out there nymphing, so be sure to clean those flies off after long drifts. Ditch those big drakes and start fishing the more numerous PMDs, caddis and BWOs. The rusty spinner bite nymphed in the morning hours has been strong, as has the BWO fishing during midday. The caddis "power-hour" at dusk has still been pretty darn exceptional with lesser numbers of boat traffic now that the drakes have pushed up. Don't fret. The river has dropped and cleared significantly over the past two weeks and are looking prime for more normal water conditions.

Middle Fryingpan

The water conditions are crystal clear and the food sources present are drakes, PMD's, caddis, and serratellas. The overall rating for this section of the river is 8 out of 10.  Fishermen are seeing very decent drake and PMD hatches mid-river. The infamous Fryingpan Serratella made its annual appearance on Aug. 8. Remember, green drakes like to hatch in the rich, highly-oxygenated faster sections of water. In other words, don't count out pocket water! PMDs have been hatching heavily on most any day at this point from about 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Some BWOs are also being seen but are of lesser importance here compared to the upper river. Serratella anglers have been seeing the most bugs from mile four to mile eight. Caddis and rusty spinners are dominating the evenings where fishing has been pretty darn righteous. If crowds aren't your thing, take advantage of the "power-hour" at dusk.

Middle Roaring Fork (Basalt Downstream to Carbondale)

The water flow in this stretch of the river is 525 cubic feet per second in Basalt and the water has good clarity but it is still a bit on the high side for a better rating. The overall rating for this stretch of the river is 7.5 out of 10 with evening "lightning rounds" ranking at an 8.5 out of 10. The food sources present are caddis, green drakes, PMD's, and BWO's. The majority of the drakes have pushed up higher along the river, but be ready for anything out there. Don't despair, the caddis "lightning round" has been just as good - with less crowds! Otherwise nymph the faster sections of river with stones and drakes, the softer sections of river with PMDs, caddis and baetis. River flows are pretty close to normal down here and maybe just a touch on the high side. PMDs are going strong seemingly all day now, with caddis beginning to appear in heavy numbers right around dusk. Take plenty of dry shake and your head lamp to take advantage of the amazing evening caddis fishing. This is one of the main reasons we all live here! The moss toss is officially here- meaning there is quite a bit of vegetation along the river bottom. You might need to clean those nymphs off from time to time so the fish can see them. Please be aware of a fallen tree on the river left channel in Rock Bottom Ranch making it impassable, a mile below the tree nursery. Landmarks to look for would include an adobe house on river right before coming into the channel split, and an osprey nest on the powerline below the split. You will think that the river left channel is the way to go but be sure to take the river right channel.

State Forest State Park

Anglers seem to be setting their sights on the alpine waters as fall is bearing down upon us and the season will soon be drawing to a close. Lake Agnes has been seeing the most people of any of the alpine lakes here at State Forest State Park. There is still plenty of fish viewing to be done at Lake Agnes but the fish have grown wise. Viable alternatives include the willow marshes above North Michigan Reservoir all the way up to the Kelley and Clear Lake trailhead at the north end of County Rd 21. People have had success in this area catching smaller brook trout. Kelley and Clear are also great destinations for those who like to mix fishing with strenuous backcountry hiking.

Upper Fryingpan

The water flow on this stretch of the river is 271 cubic feet per second and the water clarity is perfect and crystal clear. The overall rating is 8.5 out of 10 and getting better daily. Drakes have made it all the way up to the dam! Fishing has obviously been very good and one can expect good midday hatches from 11am-3pm as well as amazing rusty spinner falls in the evening. The food sources present are green drakes, PMD's, BWO's, caddis, midges, and mysis shrimp. Welcome to summer on the Fryingpan River! Fishing has been very good to exceptional as hatches of drakes, pmds, bwos, caddis and more come to fruition. Early morning risers (fish and anglers) can find solitude and fish chowing on rusty spinners and midges. PMDs have been hatching beginning around 10:30 a.m., green drakes around noon, and sporadic midday hatches of BWOs. The rusty spinner fall in the evening hours has been incredible especially on days with hot, bright sun. As always, light tippets of 6x and 7x, as well as downstream drifts aid in success. With such a wide variety of bugs hatching, pay close attention to which insect the fish are focused on. In general, fish the big bugs in the shallow and fast water, with smaller bugs fished in the soft and deep water. The mysis shrimp fishing has been hanging on in the toilet bowl but don't expect to find many fish in the Flats at this time of year. Besides, the better fishing has been farther away from the dam. Streamer junkies are doing well on overcast days. Keep those patterns in softer, neutral colors for the best success. splendors, clousers and slumpies are all good options.

Upper Roaring Fork (Aspen Downstream to Basalt)

The water flow on this stretch of the river is 174 cubic feet per second below Maroon Creek (Woody Creek Canyon) and the water clarity is ideal, but flows are still on the higher side. Fish the soft water and you'll do plenty of damage out there. The overall rating for this stretch of the river is 7 out of 10 simply due to slightly higher flows with evening hatches ranking an 8 out of 10. If you're wanting to fish green drakes on the Roaring Fork, this hatch is still happening, although it's starting to slow down. Our guides have been venturing out on the upper river more with each passing day, and the fishing has improved significantly. The food sources present are green drakes, PMD's, caddis, stoneflies, BWO's. It's getting better each and every day along the upper river with hatches resuming as the water levels continue to drop. PMDs and caddis are the main hatches with lighter numbers of midges and BWOs. Green drakes are being seen in decent numbers midday (especially during days of overcast) and heavier numbers during the "Lightning-Round" at dusk. Just prior to the drakes coming off in the evenings, look for the fish up on the surface keyed in on small caddis. Don't forget to skate, skitter and bump around your caddis dries for the best success. Nymphing has been producing the most fish out there on a day to day basis (at least mid-day). The number one rule up here right now is to focus on fishing the soft pockets of water and to cover water. One of the benefits of fishing during the backend of runoff and in higher water flows is that you can eliminate 99 percent of the water/river. That remaining 1 percent of river is just loaded and stacked with fish making "reading the water" very easy. Remember, where you catch one fish - there's probably another 12 in that same pool. Stoneflies and drake nymphs are fishing well as lead/point flies with smaller PMD and BWO patterns as dropper/trailing flies.

Vega Reservoir

All three boat ramps are open at this time. Water levels are receding. Fishing is good. Anglers are reporting catching rainbows and cutthroats in the 14 - 16 inch range using PowerBait and worms. Please make sure to have all boats inspected prior to launching. The ANS inspection station hours for August are varied. On Mondays, please bring your boat to the Visitor Center for inspections; Tuesday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.; Wednesday - please bring your boat to the Visitor Center for inspections; Friday and Saturday 7 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Yampa River

Fishing is reported to be excellent on the river at this time. Anglers are reporting catching browns and rainbows along with some pike. The river is at a normal level for this time of year.

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​Conditions Report - Southwest Colorado​​

Crawford Reservoir

Anglers report good catfish fishing in early to late evenings.​


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