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 Colorado Fishing Report

Help The Angler keep others informed by emailing fishing reports to us. Include your name in the message part of your report if you'd like to receive credit for the report.

Information for fishing reports is gathered by a number of ways including angler contact, state agencies and bait and tackle dealers.

Read Reports from Colorado Anglers

We've had a request for reports on Golden Pond, Pela Crossing & Lageman Reservoir
If you fish those waters, please
email us some reports.

Here is a list of Colorado Counties

July 21, 2015

Conditions Report - Metro Denver Area

Aurora Reservoir

The reservoir is open to boating and the water temperature is 72 degrees. Trout fishing from shore is rated as slow to fair. Fish will be deeper so cast out 40-50 yards. Trout are being caught using power bait from a slip rig. Boaters report success ranging from slow to fair on trout trolling with rapalas, spoons, and pop gear with crawlers. Walleye fishing is fair to good from boats trolling with bottom bouncers with crawlers and jigs. Some yellow perch have been  caught using jigs and worms. The reservoir is restricted to electric motors only and all watercraft must be inspected prior to launch. For more information call 303-326-8425. July hours are 5 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Quincy Reservoir

The reservoir is open to boating and the water temperature is 74 degrees. Fishing for bass is rated as slow to fair but there have been a few good reports.  Most reports are of bass being caught using jigs, soft plastics, jerk baits, crank baits, and top water lures. No reports on other species at this time. Fishing is restricted to artificial flies and lures only. Only watercraft capable of being launched by hand permitted and electric motors only. All watercraft must be inspected prior to launch. New for this year the fee system is now per vehicle and the West access gate has been permanently closed. Access will only permitted through the East access gate. July hours are 5 a.m.- 9:30 p.m. For more information call 303-326-8424.

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Conditions Report - Northeast Colorado

Barr Lake

The water temperature is at 73 to 76 degrees and the water clarity is about two to three feet of visibility.  The water has turned again and the algae is not as bad as the past weeks. The water level is still high for this time of year but the level is dropping, improving access. Fish are still being caught on worms. Casting lures like crank baits and soft plastics have also been working. We have had a recent shad hatch and looks like we will have another if the conditions stay the same. Trout have been biting.  For big trout, trolling deeper—15-20 feet—has been ideal. Use lead core and snap weights or divers to get baits down. Speed has been key when trolling. Walleye are higher in the water colum, try short lining and trolling high action baits like wiggle warts or hot and tots. Don’t be afraid to use bigger baits. The wiper bite is fantastic! Nights have been the best, especially when there is wind. Wiper are feeding on carp minnows and with the recent shad hatch, will be feeding in open water. Also, look shallow in the evening and deeper during the day. Swim baits, lipless crank baits and little george’s have been working great! Good luck out there!

Boyd Lake

The current water temperature is estimated to be approximately 77 degrees with a depth at approximately 49.1 feet. The largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing has been good when anglers use lures at the Marina, Pump house, and the North Cove. The white bass fishing has been fair, angler have been using lures and worms lake wide. The catfish and crappie fishing has been fair with anglers catching them using lures and worms lake wide, and in the inlets. The walleye fishing is good when using lures and worms in the shallow waters and in the east edge of the Marina. And lastly the trout fishing has been good when using worms and PowerBait lake-wide. Any live fish collected for use as bait may only be used in the same body of water from which they were collected. All live bait/fish from a commercial source and transported by anglers must at all times be accompanied by a receipt for the source. See the Colorado Fishing Regulations for further clarification and information.

Eleven Mile Reservoir

The water conditions are that the water coming into the reservoir is at 742 cubic feet per second and the water coming out of the reservoir is at 922 cubic feet per second, and the water temperature is at 65 degrees. The trout fishing has been very good, there have been lots of fish being caught at Roger's Mountain, Rocking Chair, Lazy Boy, Suckers Cove, Witchers Cove and North Shore. Shoreline anglers are having good results with the best results being late night or early morning. The color pink is still a good choice, salmon peach PowerBait, garlic PowerBait, spinners, tube jigs, needlefish and tasmanian devils all are working. The fishing for kokanee salmon is good, several have been reported being caught between Deer and Duck islands. As for the northern pike the fishing has been good and several have been caught, good places to fish are in weedy areas. Rapala's, tube jigs, spinners and pike bunnies have been working well.


Jackson Lake

The lake level is full and the surface water temperature is approximately 74 degrees. Fishing has been really good for trout and walleye. Fishing for all other species has been fair to poor. 

North Sterling Reservoir

The water temperature is now 80 degrees and the South Boat Ramp has been reopened on a day to day basis depending on weather. Walleye were caught up both the Cunningham and Darby arms as well as off the west side of the South Ramp Parking Lot. Wipers have been caught up the Darby arm on worms, minnows, minnow lures, and leeches. Trout were caught along the dam. Catfish were caught off of Sunset Cove and Sunset Point, as well as off the West Trailhead. Fishing licenses can be purchased at the Visitor Center that is open 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. daily.

Spinney Reservoir

The water flow is at 665 cubic feet per second coming into the reservoir. Trolling, canoe, and float tubers have been pulling in some nice fish on damsels, callibaetis nymphs, and streamers. Warm water temperatures are creating a lot of weed growth. Wade fisherman should focus on the bays and look for cruising trout. Popular flies to use are Callibaetis nymphs, size #12-14, damsel nymphs, size #10-14, streamers, size #4-10. At the Dream Stream the flow is at 740-760 cubic feet per second. Action is good as usual pulling in some nice size trout. Some flies to try include San Juan's (red, pink, tan) size #16, yellow sally, size 12-18, PMD dries, #18-20, foam caddis dries, size #16-20, hoppers (orange, tan, yellow), Size #12-14.

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​Conditions Report- Southeast Colorado

Adobe Creek Reservoir

Fishing is slow for all species. Small numbers of catfish and carp are being reported the upper boat ramps.

Arkansas River

Flows on the Arkansas River continue to decline at a gradual rate, with good visibility from Hayden Meadows down to Parkdale. As of 7/20 the flow was at 250 cubic feet per second at Hayden Meadows, 545 cubic feet per second at Granite, and 1110 cubic feet per second at Wellsville. There are hatches of Yellow Sally stoneflies, pale morning dun mayflies, some caddis, and midges. There are also strong numbers of hoppers and other terrestrials throughout the river corridor. In lower light situations, many fish are tight to the banks, holding out of the current in opportunistic feeding lies. When the sun is higher in the sky, expect fish to shift out and down a little bit, holding along the next step down the bank or moving into locations along the river bed that provide good velocity shelter. Expect flows to continue to drop and for the good fishing to continue right into the fall.

Clear Creek Reservoir

The best time to fish the reservoir has been during the morning.  Most of the catches reported by anglers were homogeneous groups of 8 to 12 inch rainbow trout.  Either sherbet PowerBait or yellow Berkley's floating magnum eggs typically works well for shore fishermen. Successful fly fishermen caught trout on Wooly Buggers. Fly fishermen also caught trout on dry flies resembling ants. Trolling less than two mph with a cowbell lure coupled with worms has been the best method to land trout.  Kokanee salmon fishing has been slow. Successful kokanee salmon anglers caught a few fish during the morning. Sometimes Squids and Dodgers are effective lures for anglers targeting kokanee salmon. The reservoir is closed to trailer motorized watercrafts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The current boating hours are from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Crystal Lakes

Fishing at Crystal Lakes has been great. There are increased numbers of fly fishermen along the shore using belly boats. Fishermen are having great success using both fly rods and flies with a clear bubble.

Forebay Reservoir

Fishing has been good along the south and east shores. Fishermen are catching 10-16 inch rainbow trout using assorted colors of PowerBait. There is a closure along part of the southwestern shore due to an osprey nest.

Frantz Lake

The lake has been fishing very well for rainbow trout. Bait fishermen are doing well with PowerBait. Lure fisherman are having success with silver spoons for trout. The fishing has been good on all shores, as the water temperatures have stayed lower this summer.

Lake Henry

The lake went dry two years ago. It has been stocked with warm water fish fry (less than an inch long). The fish will probably be catchable sized next year.

Lake Meredith

The lake went dry two years ago. It has been stocked with warm water fish fry (less than an inch long). The fish will probably be catchable sized next year.


Lake Pueblo

The bass have been very active at Lake Pueblo State Park. Nicely sized bass have been caught at Sailboard Beach, Peck Creek Cove, and Boggs Creek Cove. Dark colored plastics are the key in hooking into these lunkers. A few wipers have been caught near Denver Cove by fisherman using minnows and night crawlers. Smaller bass and bluegill are very common near the North Shore Marina. Valco Ponds are still producing decent sized catfish as well as bass and carp.

Lathrop State Park

Horseshoe has been fairly quiet this week during the day, with the majority of people catching catfish at night. Martin has been producing a lot of decent size northern pike using spinners. 

O'Haver Lake

The fishing for rainbow trout has been consistently good this summer at O'Haver Lake. Fly fisherman with belly boats are particularly successful. Bait fisherman have done well with PowerBait and worms. The campground is typically full on weekends.

Riverside Ponds

Riverside Ponds are getting less fishing pressure than Frantz Lake. The fishing has been good for rainbow trout. Most anglers will catch their bag limit within a several hours. The fishing has been best at the inlets and outlets.

Trinidad Lake

The lake is at 935 surface acres with a surface elevation of 6200.97 feet. The water temperature is in the upper 60's. The trout are biting from shore using PowerBait in Reilly Canyon and areas around the Boat Ramp. A few walleye are being caught from shore in Reilly canyon using night crawlers. Boaters are catching walleye, perch and trout using jigs, and trolling. Boaters are reminded that hazards on the lake may not be marked.


Turquoise Lake

The lake has provided good fishing along the shore on both sides of the Sugarloaf Dam, Abe Lee, and at the inlet. Fishermen are using an assortment of baits and lures. The Matchless boat ramp is up and running and boat fishermen are reporting decent success. Fishermen are catching both rainbows and mackinaw from shore with lures, worms, and PowerBait.

Twin Lakes

Fishing on Twin Lakes has been good from the shore with assorted baits, lures and spinners. Fishermen are catching 12-16 inch rainbow trout from the shore, and some are catching mackinaw as well. The boat ramp is open and there is decent success being reported from those fishing from boats.

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​​​Conditions Report - Northwest Colorado​​​

Lower Fryingpan

The water conditions are clear for the most part, afternoon thunderstorms can add in a bit of color. The food sources present are stoneflies, worms, PMDs, caddis, and green drake nymphs. The overall rating for this section of the river is a 6 out of 10. Head on further up the river for the best conditions unless you're willing to rock hop and work for those fish. Because of the pressure on the upper reaches off this tail water, embracing the lower sections brings joy to many! Access is not nearly as easy, but this is another added benefit to those looking to get away from cheek to jowl fishing. Remember all hatches start on the lower and move their way up! Love hopper-dropper and Czech nymphing? The lower river is calling your name!

Lower Roaring Fork (Carbondale to Glenwood)

The water flow is at 1690 cubic feet per second in Glenwood Springs. The water conditions are good but still currently a little bit on the high side for a higher rating. Be aware of limited space at Westbank take out, there is only room for a few boats in a queue below the ramp. There are reports of many people with less experience on the Fork zooming right by the take out, especially if you are floating until dark. The overall rating for this section of the river is a 7.5 out of 10. The food sources present are drakes (starting to fade out, the wave is between Carbondale and Basalt now) PMDs, caddis, yellow sallies, and BWO's. The float fishing has resumed too in a very big way. If you have the opportunity to float - definitely do so. Nymph the soft n' slow with shallow and moderately heavy two-fly nymph rigs. The river has dropped and cleared significantly over the past two weeks and is right on schedule for the renowned green drake hatch. Overcast days are yielding decent midday hatches of yellow sallies and PMDs with "lightning rounds" producing very good numbers of caddis.


Middle Fryingpan

The water conditions are slightly stained, but pretty darn clear for the current flows. The food sources present are worms, stoneflies, caddis, PMDs, and drake nymphs. The overall rating for this section of the river is a 7.5 out of 10 due to lesser crowds and equally good fishing. We're seeing very decent caddis and PMD hatches mid-river. If crowds aren't your thing, there are plenty of public accesses in this stretch. Finding a place to tuck out of the wind is usually a little easier in here, away from the dam. As we ease into summer, the middle section of the river has been fishing rock solid. Hatches roll up the Fryingpan as they do on most rivers, so be expecting to see more PMDs in this section than right below the dam. (The same will go for drakes.) This section is fished best by covering a lot of water and varying your technique until the fish start to react to your offerings. Late afternoon has been producing very solid caddis fishing, PMDs are popping midday primarily. As the sun begins to set behind the hills, be sure to have some rusty (PMD) spinners and caddis in your fly box. The other thing to keep in mind is your streamer box, as Fryingpan fish react quite well to these larger patterns as the sun recedes and they feel a little safer.

Middle Roaring Fork (Basalt Downstream to Carbondale)

The water flow is at 1,000 cubic feet per second in Basalt. And the water has good clarity but it still is a bit on the high side for a better rating. The overall rating is a 7 out of 10 with evening "lightning rounds" ranking at a 10 out of 10 (drakes are going strong from Bonedale all the way to Basalt now). The food sources present are green drakes, caddis, stoneflies, PMD's, and BWO's. The fishermen on the river are doing great during the green drake lightening round around Basalt now, and the caddis dry fly fishing mid-day has been rock solid. River flows are still on the big side. The green drake wave is now between Carbondale and Basalt. Caddis are going strong all day now, with drakes are beginning to appear right around dusk. Take plenty of dry shake and your head lamp to take advantage of this amazing fishing.

State Forest State Park

Last week's rains have given way to somewhat clearer skies here at State Forest State Park, but the best fishing seems to be on the cloudy days.  The rain has been light and forgiving and that has made for clear waters and excellent sight fishing especially in our alpine lakes.  As lures go, damselfly and dragonfly populations have started to increase though not as numerous as might be expected.  Ants and wooly buggers are a good choice for our alpine lakes such as Kelly and clear where large and hard to catch cutthroat are still being spotted.  Their genetics are a mix of different cutthroats but golden trout only exist on the State Forest in legend.  We do have greenback genetics and if you are lucky enough to catch one please release it immediately at they have threatened status according to US Fish and Wildlife.  The fishing clinic held Saturday, July 18, was a success with a large turnout of young anglers and plenty of large Rainbows caught mainly with worms. North Michigan Reservoir, having been stocked more recently on 6/25/15 will yield cutbow for the slightly more patient and the occasional large brown with plenty of brook trout being caught in the willow marsh above and below.  The liveliest catch is still around dusk when the surfaces of our lakes can be teeming with fish and insect life alike.  Lake Agnes, with the shortest approach of our alpine lakes, has also been swarmed with cutthroat.


Sylvan Lake

The lake is great if you are seeking 11-12 inch rainbow trout. And a few brook trout are being caught too. Anglers have had success with gold and silver spinners, variety of flies, and pink and purple PowerBait.  

Upper Fryingpan

The water flow is at 204 cubic feet per second and Ruedi Reservoir is full, and the water has very minor discoloration with plenty of water visibility. The overall rating for this section of the river is a 7 out of 10 and getting better daily. Flows are back down to normal summer water levels and good fishing has resumed. We are still in that transition period from spring hatches to summer hatches, where BWOs are fading away as the PMDs start to really come on. Expect good midday hatches from 11am-3pm. The food sources present are BWO's, PMD's, caddis, drake nymphs, midges, and mysis shrimp. Summer is here, and perfect summertime flows are happening on the Fryingpan. Visibility is just fine, although afternoon thunderstorms can add a bit of color anywhere on the tail water section. As mentioned above, we are in that "in between" time hatch-wise, where BWO's are starting to fade out and PMDs are beginning to make their presence known.

Upper Roaring Fork (Aspen Downstream to Basalt)

The water flow is at 605 cubic feet per second below Maroon Creek (Woody Creek Canyon) and the water clarity is ideal but flows are still on the higher side. Fish the soft water and you'll do plenty of damage out there. The overall rating for this section of the river is a 6 out of 10. Exercise caution while moving around on the river, and don't get in unless you find a soft section with some visibility. The green drake train stops up here next. The food sources present are green drake nymphs, caddis, PMD's, stoneflies, worms, and BWO's. The fishing is getting better each and every day along the upper river with hatches resuming as the water levels continue to drop. Caddis are the main hatch (for now), with lighter numbers of PMDs and a few stoneflies. By the end of the month we will see green drakes come to fruition along with heavier numbers of PMD's as the BWO's begin to fade away. Dry fly junkies are doing well fishing dry/dropper goodies midday, with the heaviest hatches (caddis) occurring during the last hour of light. Don't forget to skate, skitter, and bump around your caddis dries for the best success.

Vega Reservoir

All three boat ramps are open at this time. Fishing has been excellent this week. Anglers are reporting catching rainbows and cutthroats in the 14 - 16 inch range using PowerBait and worms. Please make sure to have all boats inspected prior to launching. The ANS inspection station hours are as follows: Monday - Thursday 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Friday and Saturday 7 a.m. - 8:30 p.m., and Sunday 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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​Conditions Report - Southwest Colorado​​

Jackson Gulch Reservoir

The fishing at Jackson Gulch Reservoir is always good, as our regulars tell us, especially near the inlet and in the cove just before campsites 25 and 26, but recently it has picked up, especially for boaters. Staff members surmise that it is weather-related, since the mid-June slow-down coincided with the drop in precipitation and general increase in temperature and sunshine. But, as the cloud cover and rainfall have come back with July's monsoon season, so have the fish. It also helps that the hatchery in Durango dropped 3,750 cutbows (hybrid rainbow-cutthroats) into the lake last Wednesday. Once they were acclimated and excited about their new environs, they started hitting the spinners and worms hard, notably in the middle of the lake. Many of boaters came and left within hours having caught their limit and thrown back a handful more. Watch the weather, but note that it usually doesn't last long – either way, the local storms brings cooler weather and nice breezes whether or not they drop any rain.

Navajo Reservoir

Bass have been biting well. Colorado and New Mexico fishing licenses are available at the Visitor Center.  Social security numbers are required for purchase. Please remember to bring sunscreen, insect repellent and clothes appropriate for changes in the weather.​


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