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 Colorado Fishing Report

Help The Angler keep others informed by emailing fishing reports to us. Include your name in the message part of your report if you'd like to receive credit for the report.

Information for fishing reports is gathered by a number of ways including angler contact, state agencies and bait and tackle dealers.

Read Reports from Colorado Anglers

We've had a request for reports on Golden Pond, Pela Crossing & Lageman Reservoir
If you fish those waters, please
email us some reports.

Here is a list of Colorado Counties

October 18, 2016

Conditions Report - Metro Denver Area

Aurora Reservoir
The water temperature has been around 58 degrees. Now that we are half way through October, we should start to see things pick up. Fishing for trout from the shore has been slow to fair. There have been a few reports of trout being caught using PowerBait and crawlers from the west and east end of the dam. Boaters are reporting fair to good success on trout, trolling slowly with lures and crawlers in deeper water. Walleye action from boats is rated at anywhere from slow to fair using bottom bouncers with crawlers and jigs in 20 to 40 feet of water. A few reports of walleye being caught from shore using swim baits from the dam and marina.​

Quincy Reservoir
Fishing is restricted to artificial flies and lures only. Anglers have reported that the bass fishing has been slow to fair. Most of the bass have been caught using soft plastics, drop shots, and chatter baits. Most of the reports of bass have been caught from 6 to 15 feet of water.

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Conditions Report - Northeast Colorado

Dream Stream
Water flows have been slightly above their normal historic values at the Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area. The current hatches include midges, blue-winged olives, and Tricos. Anglers have reported having success using Stalcup's CDC Biot Trico Comparadun in the mornings. Anglers are catching a mixed bag of resident rainbow, cutbow, and brown trout. In addition to the resident trout, several lake-run fish are entering the system. It would be a good time to break out the larger streamers, leech, red midge larva, and egg patterns. Anglers have reported that effective patterns have been #20 or smaller for Micro San Juan Worms, Mercury Pheasant Tails, Buckskins, Barr Emergers, Jujubaetis, Flashback Black Beauty, Tube Midge, Chironoflash, Mercury Blood Midge, Foam Wing Chocolate Emerger, Barr's Graphic Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis, Puterbaugh Caddis, Parachute Adams, and Matt's Midge.

Eleven Mile Reservoir

Anglers have reported that the trout fishing has been fair to good. The moon cycle can affect the bite time, so look to either late morning or early afternoon for the most productive fishing. The West end continues to fish well from Rocking Chair and Rocky Flats, to all points west. Anglers have reported success using Rapala's, Kastmasters, and Tasmanian Devils. Shore anglers have also experienced sporadic action while using rainbow garlic and salmon peach PowerBait. The best news is the consistent catching of 20 inch or larger fish from shore or boat. Anglers fishing for northern pike have reported having sporadic action, which has a lot do due with weather patterns and wind conditions. It is recommended that you try working all the coves around the lake from Howbert to Lazy Boy and East Bay to Rocky Flats. Anglers fishing from boats have had success trolling the West end from Cross Creek to Stoll Mountain along the overflow channel using big Rapala’s.

Eleven Mile State Park

Jackson Lake
The lake level is still relatively full, and has only dropped about three feet since the last report. The current surface water temperature is approximately 60 degrees. Fishing has been fair to good for wipers, walleye, drum, channel catfish and trout.
Jackson Lake State Park​

North Sterling Reservoir
The lake has a current surface temperature in the high 60 degrees, with a depth of about 30 feet. Anglers have reported that crappie have been biting in the Elks Bay near the shoreline and in front of the dam. The walleye have come out of the outlet and have been near Balanced Rock, which anglers have been bringing in using mostly worms. As for catfish, anglers have had success at the West Trailhead, the Inlet Grove Shoreline, and the Elks Bay.

North Sterling State Park​

Spinney Mountain Reservoir
Anglers have reported that the trout fishing has been good when using pale morning dunn, elk hair caddis, Tasmanian devils, copper johns, pheasant tails, eggs, or scuds. As for pike fishing, anglers have reported that Rapala’s have been bringing them the most success.
Spinney Mountain State Park

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​Conditions Report- Southeast Colorado

Arkansas River Headwaters
Unseasonably warm weather continues to keep things very active on the Arkansas River and the week ahead looks like more of the same. With daytime highs in Salida still forecasted to be in the high 60 to low 70 degree range, water temperatures will continue to stay around 50 degrees. Reports have indicated that Bighorn Sheep Canyon below Salida has generated some excellent fishing over the last week. The warm air temperatures and constant sunshine presage more of the same in the weeks ahead. The fish have been feeding mostly on midges in the mornings, then switching to mayflies and nymph hatches towards the afternoon. Most of the feeding fish have been gravitating towards riffles or broken water, or in some cases to deeper runs where they have access to food without exposing themselves to predators. Currently active aquatic insects include midges, blue wing olive mayflies, red quills, and caddis. Anglers have reported low, clear flows at around 300 cfs. With flows at these levels, and the resulting decline in current velocity, much of the riverbed is now a more suitable habitat for the fish. With the long-range forecast showing warmer than normal and the spawn only now getting underway, we anticipate very good fishing conditions throughout the month of October.
Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area

John Martin Reservoir
Anglers have reported that fishing on the reservoir is good for small wiper, with some reports of crappie and walleye also being caught. 
John Martin Reservoir State Park

Lake Pueblo
The current surface temperature is around 64 degrees and slowly dropping as the days are shorter and nights are getting cooler. The fall bite is just around the corner, as fish will move up to shallower spots to feed to bulk up for winter. Fishing has been fair to good lately. Bass fishing is picking up as they are all gorging on shad. Walleye fishing has been fair to good, with a few smaller walleye beginning to move up into shallower water. Grubs and small crank baits will produce a few bites for walleye in shallow water. There have been a few reports of trout being caught trolling. Catfish are being caught on the west end using chicken liver and worms. Wipers have been far and few between. Boaters are reminded that winter hours are now in effect. 
Lake Pueblo State Park

Trinidad Lake
The lake is currently at 738 surface acres with a surface elevation of 6185 feet. The surface temperature has maintained in the low 60 degree range. Anglers have reported that trout fishing from the shore has picked up since the previous weeks, with must success coming from using night crawlers and artificial flies. Most of the trout that have been pulled out have been between 12 and 15 inches. Anglers fishing from boats have had consistent success trolling worm harnesses for trout, however there has been a significant decrease with walleye and perch.​
Trinidad Lake State Park

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​​​Conditions Report - Northwest Colorado​​​​

Anglers have reported that shore and boat fishing has been as good as ever. The most productive areas have been at the Keystone Day area, Lot 14, and the Haybro Day area. The shoreline can be muddy and slick, so be careful of your footing while casting. Most anglers have been catching rainbows in the 16 to 18 inch range, with some reports of pike being caught as well. Anglers have been successful with streamers such as zoo cougars or chickabou craws, crank baits like Rapala’s, and PowerBait. For fly patterns, some good colors to try would be chartreuse, black, or red. Anglers have reported that fly fishing at the Tail Waters has been steady. The new renovation project has increased fish reproduction and size tremendously. Most anglers have used County Road 18 as an easy access point. It is recommended that anglers go out in the early morning or at dusk in order to keep a low profile and have the most productive fishing. The current water flow has been reported at 45 cfs.
Stagecoach State Park

Steamboat Lake
Anglers have reported that fishing has been slow in the afternoons, while early morning and later evenings have proven to be more productive. With the weather starting to cool down, anglers have been pulling in much larger fish than in previous weeks. Anglers have reported having the most success at Rainbow Ridge and Meadow Point, using PowerBait. Sage Flats is closed for the season due to maintenance, as well as Placer Cove.
Steamboat Lake State Park​

Vega Reservoir
Anglers have reported steady fishing, pulling in rainbows and cutthroats between 15 and 17 inches. Most anglers have been using either PowerBait or night crawlers. The Island boat ramp is still open for launching and is currently planned to be open until the end of the day on October 31st. The boat ramps and Early Settlers and Oak Point are closed for the season.
Vega State Park​

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​Conditions Report - Southwest Colorado​​

Blue Mesa Reservoir
The current water temperature is 58 degrees with a flow at the inlet of 545 cfs. Anglers have reported that trolling for rainbows has been very productive, using Rocky Mountain Tackle and Radical Glow spinners. As for brown trout, most anglers have had success using crawdad imitation jigs. There are still large amounts of kokanee salmon in the lake and some are still feeding, most have been found hanging out from the surface to 40 feet. Most of the kokanee have been caught trolling with Rocky Mountain Tackle and Radical Glow spinners tipped with shoepeg corn.

Navajo Reservoir
Anglers have reported that pike fishing has been excellent lately, with some reports that small mouth bass are still biting. The current water temperature is approximately 54 degrees.
Navajo State Park​​

Conditions Report - Statewide

Rivers and Creeks​
The month of October is upon us. That means that the days are getting shorter and much cooler. With winter approaching, the fish are eating much more frequently to bulk up for winter. A large portion of the diets for the fish here in Colorado will be midges and blue winged olives. That means a lot more nymph fishing. With a larger shift towards nymphing, split shot and fluorocarbon lines will play a bigger role in your rig. As with last month, there will still be low water flows. The calm and clear water will cause the fish to become spookier, so being stealthy is important. Presenting delicate casts becomes more important this time of year. Anglers will need to start focusing on using lighter leaders and tippets to ensure the fish do not see their fishing line. This is when using fluorocarbon fishing line becomes more important than monofilament. Although your fishing line should be small, your flies and lures can still be big. The primary hatches throughout the month will consist of midges, stoneflies, caddis, and drakes. Terrestrials such as grasshoppers, black and red ants, and crickets are also in play. Also, with the salmon runs and brown trout spawn season approaching, roe patterns will also be a viable option. The ideal fishing times in October will be in the afternoons from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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