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 Colorado Fishing Report

Help The Angler keep others informed by emailing fishing reports to us. Include your name in the message part of your report if you'd like to receive credit for the report.

Information for fishing reports is gathered by a number of ways including angler contact, state agencies and bait and tackle dealers.

Read Reports from Colorado Anglers

We've had a request for reports on Golden Pond, Pela Crossing & Lageman Reservoir
If you fish those waters, please
email us some reports.

Here is a list of Colorado Counties

August 26, 2014

Conditions Report - Metro Denver Area

Aurora Reservoir

All watercraft must be inspected prior to launch in the lower parking lot at the entrance of the boat ramp. This includes all hand launched watercraft. Trout fishing has been hit or miss from shore. From the dam try using power bait from a slip rig casted out 40-50 yards! Boaters have been reporting success ranging from fair to good trolling with spoons, rapalas and crawlers for trout. Walleye action is reported as slow to fair from boats trolling bottom bouncers with crawlers, jointed

shad raps and jigs. Most walleye are under the 18" size limit. Reports of yellow perch being caught using worms and jigs. Try the coves for perch. All other species are slow or no reports. Restricted to electric motors only. For more information call 303-326-8425. Park hours for August 5:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. and September 6 a.m. - 8 p.m.

​Quincy Reservoir

Fishing is restricted to artificial flies and lures only. Water level is good but algae blooms are occurring. Only watercraft capable of being launched by hand permitted and electric motors only. All watercraft must be inspected prior to launch. Trout fishing is slow at this time. Bass fishing is rated as slow to fair using swim baits, top water lures, spinner baits and soft plastics. Some reports of yellow perch being caught using jigs. No other reports at this time. For more information call 303-326-8424. Park hours for August 5:30AM-9:00PM. September 6:00am-8:00pm Quincy will be closed to boating September 23-25 for maintenance work on the aeration line.

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Conditions Report - Northeast Colorado

Carter Lake

The walleye fishing has been slow with people seeing success using live leeches and night crawlers along the west shore. The trout fishing has been fair with people catching them on orange colored spinner baits at sunrise or sunset.

Eldorado Canyon

Fishing conditions in the canyon are currently fair due to the late summer low water level (40.9 cfs as of Aug. 13) and the disturbance of the creek by heavy equipment. Reconstruction of the creek bed and picnic area is underway and the creek from the vehicle bridge adjacent to the picnic area to the west boundary of the park is CLOSED to fishing. 

Fishing is still allowed from the vehicle bridge to the East park boundary. Some are having success with hoppers and #12 and 14 stonefly nymphs and #18-22 midge patterns. Repairs to the picnic area are progressing well and we hope to have the area reopened in early Fall. This site will be updated when the creek reopens for fishing.

Eleven Mile State Park

Trout (Fair):  Full moon is on the wane and action is picking up. Trollers are having a hard time with the weeds but fish can be caught if you are vigilant and keep that line clean. Needlefish and Tasmanian Devils have worked well all season but other baits like Rapala, Kastmaster and Super Duper also have been doing well of late. Those on the jig do well but action is sporadic and usually is good either side of an afternoon weather event. Pumpkin Pepper and Pearl Pepper have been consistent successful color patterns. Shore anglers also having fun particularly at night. Power Bait in Salmon Peach, Rainbow and any flavor with garlic have been landing fish. KOKANEE (Slow):  The majority of fish being caught are large four year olds. The primary area is from North Shore to Goose Island, Howbert Point to Duck Island. They have been caught in 35 feet of water off of Howbert, in 45 feet off of Goose, and in 60 feet in the Channel off North Shore. Down riggers more effective than lead core. Arnies Dynamic and Reflecto in green, pink and white Needlefish , #55 Tasmanian Devil and Macks Wedding Ring have been productive. NORTHERN PIKE (Fair): Action has been picking up. Anglers fishing here using heavy steel leaders and/or braided line tied directly to their baits will consistently catch less fish than those using other methods. Take a chance and use 10 pound mono and catch more fish. Spinner Baits and large tube jigs along with Husky Jerks are doing well. The West end is fun when you work the weed beds but fish can be caught all around the lake. Patience is a virtue and helps catch fish. DREAM STREAM (Fair): No significant report.  (Courtesy of 11 Mile Marina)


The fishing has been slow, only smaller trout have been caught between the 10 and 12 inch range using pink power bait and night crawlers suspended off of the bottom along the west shoreline.

Horsetooth Reservoir (Larimer County)

Water temperature was 73 degrees, and the water level has been dropping. Walleye are starting to bite during day now on worm harness; try shallow first with shad raps and worm harness down 12-15 feet.  Still best fishing evenings and early night, and look deeper if they aren't up!  A 27" walleye was caught Saturday. They sometimes move out 22-30 feet. Bass have slowed and mostly smaller fish.  Lots of bass found on main lake and dams, and should be found in deeper water 15-28 feet.  Very slow presentation on tubes works, as well as shad colored crank baits, and senko type worms, top water baits early morning. Trout is fair; try worms just off bottom in Satanka and Inlet Bay, and also worms and shad tubes deeper, and Mepps style spinners.

Jackson Lake

Lake level is full. Surface water temperature as of August 23rd was at 70 degrees. Fishing has been slow to fair for species.   A few trout have been taken with your typical bait and wipers using nightcrawlers.

Jumbo Reservoir

Fishing is still slow for all species.  Some catfish are being caught.  The lake is 6' down and still dropping and the dock is out. Boating will close on October 1, or unless it becomes too low to launch boats. The minimum size for walleye is 15". Jumbo requires an annual fishing license or a SWA permit to enter.


The fishing has also slowed down with the fluctuating water level conditions. Fisherman's cove has proved to be the hot spot for fishing using salmon eggs and night crawlers along the bottom. Muskie have been spotted cruising the west shoreline, but have not been caught.  

Prewitt Reservoir

Fishing is still slow for all species, some catfish are being caught.  The lake is 70-75% full.  Boating will close October 1 unless it becomes too low to launch boats.  The minimum size for walleye is 15".  Prewitt requires an annual fishing license or a SWA permit to enter.

​Spinney Mountain State Park

(Fair): Tasmanian Devils and #2 Rainbow Needlefish have been successful with the Trout this week.  Reports point to Large Spoons and Rapalla's at the west end of the reservoir for Northern Pike. DREAM STREAM: No significant report.

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Conditions Report - Southeast Colorado

Arkansas River

The Arkansas River is in transition from summer to fall, with lower flows allowing fish to utilize more of the stream bed. Browns will still inhabit the edgewater pockets, especially during lower light times of day, but the slower current velocity means they will also venture into riffles to take advantage of nymphal drifts and/or suspend in the deep green runs to feed. Blue wing olives, red quills, caddis, and midges are all available now, as are the many terrestrials insects that inhabit the shoreline. Look for fairly stable conditions over the next two months as we work our way through a beautiful and productive fall season.

Clear Creek Reservoir (Lake County)

Shore fishing has been slow; whereas boat fishing has been inconsistent.  At the upper part of the reservoir, only a few anglers reported landing multiple fish.  Sometimes Kastmasters (1/4 oz), yellow/corn PowerBait or worms works well at the upper part of the reservoir.  Shore anglers fared better at landing fish at the boat ramp parking lot area. The trout were found to favor green PowerBait at the boat ramp parking lot area. An angler caught a 24 inch tiger musky on PowerBait near the dock.  Successful fly fisherman caught trout on either red Woolly Buggers or Parachute Adams. Boat fishing for trout was slow throughout most of the week, but trout action picked up on August 24.  Trolling with Tasmanian Devil lures and Mepps spinners at the southern part of the reservoir were productive for trout fishing. Kokanee salmon fishing from a boat remains slow.  Boat anglers targeting kokanee salmon experienced some success on green Squids. The reservoir is closed to trailer and motorized watercrafts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Boating hours are 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Starting September 4, boating hours will be changed to 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  Midday water surface temperatures were in the low 60's F°.

​Trinidad Lake

The lake is at 550 surface acres and the water temperature is in the low 50's. We are seeing trout from the shorelines on various colored power bait. We are seeing walleye, bass and wiper caught from shore and boats. Walleye are biting on various colored jigs. The bass and wiper have been caught on jigs and some bright colored lures. The South Shore and Boat Ramp seem to be the better areas for the shoreline anglers.  For more information call the Visitor's Center at (719) 846-6951.

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Conditions Report - Northwest Colorado​​

Elkhead Reservoir

The lake is fishing well for crappie, bluegill, crappie, small and large mouth bass and pike.  Anglers are reported using black and green jigs.   

Harvey Gap

BOW FISHING NOT ALLOWED!!  There are trout being caught throughout the lake.  Smallmouth bass are being caught near the inlet.  If you fish along the dam, you have a good chance of catching any of the species that are in Harvey Gap.

Highline Lake

Fishing is still slow for trout at Mack Mesa and Highline Lake - it's still too hot!  Catfish are still biting and being caught at Mack Mesa and Highline.  The inlet at the east ramp or near the spillway on the west side of Highline is usually very good for catfish.  Bass should be biting soon, when the weather cooperates.  Try both north and south ends of Highline, maybe in the try mornings and evenings.  We have nightcrawlers in the Visitor Center, and if they don't work, we also have a huge variety of Power Bait!  Give them a try!  Information for trollers - ANS inspections and decontaminations are available Monday through Friday on the WEST side only, 7 am to 8 pm. Saturday and Sunday inspections and decontaminations are available on the WEST side 6 am to 8 pm, and on the EAST side 8 am to 4 pm. See the Conditions page for information about Boat Capacity procedures.  All required watercraft, trailered or not, must be inspected for ANS before launching, unless a seal is attached, and a receipt is in hand. Do Not launch without an inspection or without leaving a seal and receipt in the box provided at the ramp. You can stop by the Visitor Center and pick up your  2014 fishing license or boat registration on your way to the water! Get out and go fishing at Highline or Mack Mesa Lake - it's a great way to spend some time with family and friends.  Or just enjoy the peace and quiet of fishing alone, away from the everyday hustle and bustle.  No matter the excuse for getting outside, fishing is a great way to spend the day, even if you don't catch a thing! 

Lower Fryingpan

OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 10. THE SHORT AND SWEET: Are you the angler that doesn't want to see anyone (or at least just a few others) all day? This is your section. Hatches get rolling down on the lower river before the upper due to warmer temperatures, and we are already seeing good numbers of caddis, PMDs and baetis. Green Drakes are starting to show up on our radar, although numbers are still on the light side. FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: Green Drakes 10-14, PMDs 16-18, Baetis 18-20, Caddis 16-18, Midges 20-24, Golden Stones 6-10.

Lower Roaring Fork- Carbondale to Glenwood

OVERALL RATING: 8 out of 10 Conditions are ideal but are still amazingly improving daily as the water continues to drop and the fish become more concentrated. THE SHORT AND SWEET:  Like the other sections of water along the Roaring Fork, nymph the fast water with larger flies and the soft water with smaller flies. As the water continues to fall, look for the fish to make the transition from holding along the edges eating big flies (stoneflies, sedges, etc) to holding more midriver and eating smaller flies (PMDs, caddis etc). . FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: There are plenty of caddis, BWOs, PMDs, golden stones and big sedges moving around these days.

Middle River Fryingpan

OVERALL RATING: 8 out of 10. THE SHORT AND SWEET: The middle section of the Fryingpan sees far, far less pressure than the upper miles, and this can play to your advantage. The middle river also offers plenty of places to duck out of the ever-present wind. Temperatures warm with the drop in elevation, so the lower and middle river typically see earlier and later hatches in the year as well. FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: Green Drakes 10-12, PMDs 16-18, Midges 20-24, BWOs 20-22, Caddis 14-18, Craneflies 6-8.

Middle Roaring Fork – Basalt downstream to Carbondale 

OVERALL RATING: 7 out of 10. THE IN DEPTH REVIEW: The Roaring Fork significantly widens below Basalt, making the river seem less roaring than it is upstream. Numerous side channels are concentrating the fish, as are any pieces of soft water along the edges and near seams. Go ahead, don't be scared...GO FISH! It's been that good. The Roaring Fork is in the declining stages of runoff as our guides are back in their drift boats and catching plenty of fish. The hatches have been light during the day, but the nymphing has been rock-solid. PMD nymphs, San Juan Worms, cranefly larvae, stoneflies and various caddis and PMD nymphs are all on the menu. With such a plethora of insects around, we generally dumb it down and fish the larger insects in the faster sections of water, and the smaller flies in the softer sections of water. Dry fly fishing has been on the light side early and mid-day, but the fish are all seemingly looking up as the early evening progresses into nightfall. Caddis are main hatch here right now, as females return to the water to lay eggs at twilight.

Sylvan Lake

Stocked with Rainbows 08/15/2014 and fishing has been good. Some 20-22" Rainbows still being caught. Seeing a few Brookies too. Powerbaits, salmon eggs, woolly buggers. A variety of flies: gray, green or brown caddis or parachute adams are all working well.  Best in early AM and evening.

Upper Fryingpan

OVERALL RATING: 8 out of 10 THE SHORT AND SWEET: The Fryingpan River is renowned world-wide for quite a few reasons, the first that come to mind are the prolific and year-round dry fly hatches as well as fish measured in pounds instead of inches. People jokingly refer to Basalt as a small drinking town with a big fishing problem, and we can certainly vouch for that. Hatches currently on the Fryingpan consist of Green Drakes, PMDs, BWOs, and midges in the upper reaches, and down low you can add in stoneflies and caddis too. FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: Green Drakes, PMDs, BWOs, Stoneflies, Midges, Mysis

Upper Roaring Fork – Aspen Downstream to Basalt

OVERALL RATING: 6 out of 10 though some local anglers would argue that it's rating at least an 8 out of 10. If you know the river well and enjoy pocket water fishing, this upper section of river is right up your alley. THE SHORT AND SWEET: It's summertime and the fishing and water conditions are much, much improved now. In general, look for the fish to be stacked up in the softer water eating general attractor patterns. Hatches are consisting of predominately caddis, PMDs, BWOs and midges. Stoneflies, PMD and BWO nymphs are also fishing well. And of course, don't count out the San Juan Worm either. Look for the fishing to go from 0-100 in no time flat! Right now it feels like the calm before the storm, where the locals and fish-bums are taking advantage of the conditions before the crowds of summer roll in in the coming weeks. Fish the softer pockets and seams and you'll get them! FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: PMDs, Caddis, BWOs, Midges, Stoneflies, PMD and BWO nymphs. 


The lake is receding daily and fishing is still good.  Anglers continue to report that worms, powerbait and spinners are catching some nice rainbows and cutthroats in the 12 - 16 inch range.  Early Settler's boat ramp is closed for the season.  The Island and Oak Point boat ramps will remain open as long as possible.  All boats are required to have an inspection prior to l aunching.  Anyone failing to receive an inspection will be given a citation.  The Visitor Center is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and we do sell fishing licenses.            

Yampa River

Fishing reports are coming in from the Steamboat area to west of Craig.  Anglers are reporting that browns are fishing very well and there are quite a few pike being taken out of the river. 

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​Conditions Report - Southwest Colorado​​

Blue Mesa

Perch fishing is HOT right now. Nearly every shallow bay, flat and point on the whole lake is holding perch from 5-25 feet deep. Use small jigs or pinched crawlers on a hook. Kokanee salmon fishing is tapering off for the season. The majority of the fish are starting to push up the river for their annual run. There are still some schools being found in Cebolla basin from 60-100 feet deep and jigging remains the best technique for catching these fish. Trout fishing remains fair, trolling salmon type gear from 10-40 feet in Iola and Sapinero basins.​


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