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Three must-have tools for Kansas anglers this season



Fishing is one part luck, two parts preparation


Feb. 12, 2015 - PRATT – Fishing is an art, and although it requires a little bit of luck, most great fishing experiences are a result of prior planning and research. The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) has three must-have angling tools this season that will help you determine what fish are out there, where to catch them, and how to do so lawfully.

Enhance your fishing experiences this season by investing your time with these publications:

2015 Fishing Forecast

If you want to know what fish are out there for catching, consult the 2015 Fishing Forecast. Compiled with data gathered through fisheries biologists’ sampling efforts, the free forecast provides anglers with up-to-date information on what lies beneath the water’s surface. Brochures are available at KDWPT offices, as well as online at ksoutdoors.com/fishing. In addition to what species of fish can be caught at any given body of water, the forecast also includes tables with Density Ratings, Preferred Ratings, and Lunker Ratings, as well as information on the Biggest Fish sampled, Biologist’s Ratings, and a Three-Year Average of popular species. Anglers can use the forecast to find lakes that provide the fishing opportunities they desire. For example, if you enjoy catching and eating channel catfish, you can select a lake with a high Density Rating, which is the number of channel catfish at least 16 inches long caught per sampling effort. If you’re only after trophy-sized catfish, you can select a lake with a high Preferred Rating, which is fish longer than 24 inches or a high Lunker Rating, which is fish longer than 28 inches.

A copy of the 2015 Fishing Forecast can also be seen in the March/April issue of Kansas Wildlife & Parks magazine. To become a subscriber, call toll-free (866) 672-2145, or visit ksoutdoors.com/Services/Publications/Magazine.

2015 Kansas Fishing Atlas

Knowing where to drop a line can be tricky, but the 2015 Kansas Fishing Atlas removes the guesswork. The free, 84-page atlas provides anglers with maps pinpointing public fishing areas, as well as public lands across Kansas. These maps also include Fishing Impoundment and Stream Habitats (F.I.S.H.) areas, or privately-owned ponds or streams KDWPT has leased and opened to public fishing. F.I.S.H. sites are labeled by an abbreviated access period, size, and boating restriction for each location, so refer to the atlas prior to fishing. Each map also shows all federal reservoirs, state fishing lakes, river access areas, and community lakes, making the question of “where to fish” just that much easier to answer.

The atlas is currently available online at ksoutdoors.com. Printed copies will be available shortly wherever licenses are sold.

2015 Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary

After you’ve decided what species to fish for and where to find them, refer to 2015 Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary for information on regulations changes for the new season, creel and length limits, permit requirements, and more. Copies can be obtained at no cost online at ksoutdoors.com/fishing, and at any license vendor.

For more on Kansas fishing, visit ksoutdoors.com/fishing.

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