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California angler develops product to be used with Power Bait and other dough baits

December 15, 2006 - Dave Thompson, an avid angler since he was just a small boy has invented a new tool anglers using Power Bait for trout and crappie will be anxious to use. In his over 40 years of fishing he has become quite skilled at fishing and have caught nearly every specie of game fish available to him in Northern California.
Several days each year he likes to get away from the valley and find himself on one of the many mountain reservoirs pursuing the many trout species that they have available.

"I have come to learn that the most common and most effective bait used for our most abundant trout (planted Rainbow) is Power Bait. I can safely assume that Power Bait is the most popular  trout bait on the market," Thompson said.
He has used a lot of Power Bait in his years and realized that removing this stuff from the jars is a task requiring the skills of McGuyver. You can use a stick, your fingers or a knife but these methods are either primitive,  messy, or hazardous to children. He always wondered why nobody sold a small scoop to get the stuff out of the jars and roll it into a small ball, much like an ice-cream scoop.

He searched far and wide, doing many hours of research to find such a tool, to no avail. It is such an obvious idea and  yet unavailable to the trout fishing market. If he had found one, he would have bought it. He thought that if he would buy such a tool, so would many others, there must be a market for it.
"I made the commitment to develop this product to my exact specifications and have the item manufactured exclusively for this purpose," Thompson said.
The "POWER SKOOP" by Thompson Manufacturing is basic in design and yet extremely useful to all fisherman that use any brand of the very popular dough type trout baits.
"I am extremely confident that the POWER SKOOP will be the new "MUST HAVE" tool for nearly all users of Power Bait and all other dough type trout baits. I also believe that this tool will be as common in the fisherman's tackle box as nail clippers and hook files," Thompson said.

The "POWER SKOOP" will be available at Zeiner's Bass Shop in Wichita for $2.99 around December 20 and can be ordered online through their shopping cart.

"A customer of ours told me about the product and suggested we get some," said Jim Zeiner. "I contacted Dave and we have some on the way. It's so simple, but most good ideas are. I think our customers will really like it."

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